Do I have options for a cheesecake crust other than graham crackers?

I don't like graham cracker crusts, and I don't know that an oreo crust would always match. But I feel like people must've done something before graham crackers were easily available. I'd be willing to make something from scratch.

  • Posted by: Scriwi
  • December 30, 2012


ATG117 October 15, 2013
No crust cheesecake:
Amy S. October 15, 2013
Mmmm banana bread sounds scrumptious especially with a lime or otherwise tropical flavor. I have used nibbles of Dorie Greenspans Chewy Chunky Blondies for a crust of cappuccino or chocolate cheesecake and its pretty yummy too. Then I'm a fan of that blondie and I'm a chocolate lover. Who knew?
ChefJune October 15, 2013
I rather prefer a sugar cookie crust for my cheesecake. Not a big fan of crumb crusts of any kind. I also do a cheesecake with a banana bread crust.
Amy S. October 15, 2013
I often make a shortbread crust.
Amy S. October 15, 2013
I often make a shortbread crust.
ATG117 December 31, 2012
All the answers above seem great. If you provided more info about what it is you don't like about graham crackers and what it is you are looking for, it might be additionally helpful re suggestions
boulangere December 31, 2012
Crushed ginger snaps work very well also.
amysarah October 15, 2013
Ginger snaps work especially well for a pumpkin cheesecake.
Eliz. December 31, 2012
A crust made w toasted, ground nuts would be a great alternative, provided you don't need to worry about allergies.
CHeeb December 31, 2012
I've had good results crushing Biscoff cookies and the round crunchy Amaretto flavored cookies in lieu of graham crackers.
Maedl December 31, 2012
It depends what kind of cheesecake you are baking. Lots of recipes of German origin use a yeast crust. That was the style of cheesecake that I grew up on in St. Louis.
twistandsnag December 31, 2012
I use normal Marie biscuits ( mixed with melted butter. Alternatively you could use digestive cookies together with the butter. Marie biscuits give more of a very neutral taste, while the digestives have a stronger wheat flavour.
Diana B. December 31, 2012
I know for a lemon cheesecake, crushed lemon sandwich cookies are great, so I imagine other kinds of sandwich cookies would work so long as you choose a flavor that doesn't argue with the filling itself.
Miafoodie December 31, 2012
I sometimes use crushed the salty flavor they add to the sweet.
janeofmanytrade December 30, 2012
when i had my bakery, i would use the scraps of biscotti logs. by drying out the end pieces or pieces that broke when i sliced the logs, i had a supply of tasty crumbs. today, i no longer own that bakery but i do make small batches of biscotti just to dry and grind for crumbs to use in any dessert or sweets that might call for graham cracker crumbs. think seven layer bars, pie crusts, cheesecakes and more!
HalfPint December 30, 2012
Try zwieback biscuits. They have a neutral sweet flavor that should work. Or you can try a shortbread crust. Gingerbread cookies or crushed Oreos are good, but will change the overall flavor of your cheesecake.
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