Is the rising dependent on the combination of soda and Earth Balance, or can I substitute butter instead?

Gluten Free Biscuits
Recipe question for: Gluten Free Biscuits


SeaJambon December 31, 2012
I second that -- the Earth Balance was probably used instead of butter to make the result dairy-free (so many who are gluten intolerant are also dairy intolerant). Having said that, I don't expect it will change the rise but wonder if it will make the biscuit a bit less flaky? (different fats can give different results). I'm not familiar with the recipe, so don't know if flakiness is one of the goals, or if this is more of a shortcake type biscuit -- if the latter, I'm reasonably confident there would be little to no baking impact of changing the fats.
Monita December 31, 2012
You should be able to substitute butter
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