I have some kumquats in syrup that I bought recently in Corfu, Greece. I intend to make a kumquat sauce (some orange juice, chicken stock) and the kumquats. Reduce and serve over scored-seared-roasted duck breast.
Should I or should I not remove the seeds from the kumquats? I understand they can be a bit bitter, but are balanced by the sweet skin and syrup.
Any other thoughts if you have used Corfu kumquats packed in syrup is appreciated.

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  • Posted by: bigpan
  • December 31, 2012


BoulderGalinTokyo January 5, 2013
I have pickled the Kumquats that I bought at the store ( lovely shapes, all the same size) and I also cook with the homegrown ones from my yard. I remove the seeds for baking goods (chopped) but in a stew, etc. I leave the seeds in. You may remove them when eating, but they are so soft (think grapeseed oil) that it doesn't seem to matter.
bigpan January 2, 2013
Thanks Amanda. I sliced them on a bias and removed the seed (which did not taste bitter by itself). After searing the duck I deglazed with some rose', added some OJ and chicken stock, reduced and added the kumquats and its syrup. Turned out great...not too sweet, just right.
With a beluga starter on bilini, it was a perfect night.
Amanda H. January 2, 2013
Nice! And thanks for reporting back.
Amanda H. December 31, 2012
If the kumquats are already cooked I syrup then whatever bitterness was in the seeds has probably already been released into the syrup. I would taste one to be safe but I think you're ok leaving the seeds in.
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