A question about a recipe: Very Simple Salmon Chowder

I have a question about the recipe " Very Simple Salmon Chowder" from inpatskitchen. Do you think shrimp stock would work here instead of fish stock or clam juice?

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 Very Simple Salmon Chowder
Recipe question for: Very Simple Salmon Chowder


trampledbygeese January 2, 2013
I don't see why it wouldn't work. One thing though, I find shrimp stock to be a bit saltier than fish stock or clam juice, so maybe keep an eye on the seasoning.

Please let us know how it turns out.
Tarragon January 2, 2013
Thank you, Pat, great idea on the shrimp. (I love all of your recipes)!
inpatskitchen January 2, 2013
I definitely think so! And if you like, you could throw in a handful or two of small shrimp just before you turn off the heat.
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