I can't eat shrimp. Can I substitute scallops or any other fish/shellfish in paella where shrimp would usually be?

I get a bad reaction to shrimp but I'm a seafood/shellfish fanatic. Any shrimp substitutions would be great.
Thank you in advance!



liora5556 June 8, 2011
Thank you for all the wonderful answers. Greatly appreciated. I think wherever there is shrimp i'll sub it for squid and cook it in a similar fashion. Great answers and great community. Bon Apetit!
pierino June 8, 2011
My understanding is that paella originated in Valencia, a region where the Moors introduced rice and the classic version is paella valenciana. ChefJune is absolutely right about the bottom crust which is called "socarrat." Unlike risotto it should not be stirred.
ChefJune June 8, 2011
Interesting that most Americans think Paella has to have seafood. The reality is that it's a dish where Spaniards use what they've got. Inland, where the dish supposedly originated, it had squirrels, rabbits, and whatever else they caught. NO FISH at all! So you can use whatever you want to make paella. No shrimp? no squirrel? no problem. Customize it to suit yourself, and the people you are making it for.

The consistent thing any Paella needs is that crust of rice on the bottom. Browned but not burned.
nogaga June 8, 2011
Everything has already been suggested! Squid and rabbit with mussels are winning combination... Chorizo and clams or, again, squid. Any chance we can snag an invitation? :)
pierino June 7, 2011
Mussels, snails, and rabbit are also traditional, and all are good. And of course, Spanish style chorizo. Throw in some green beans or broad beans too.
sdebrango June 7, 2011
Scalllops are so good in paella, I use chicen, sausage and scallops its wonderful.
boulangere June 7, 2011
Any white fish would work also if you are uncomfortable skirting the issue with shellfish.
Greenstuff June 7, 2011
Of course! Paella doesn't even have to have seafood. But if you love seafood, include whatever you do like. Fish, clams, mussels, other crustaceans like crabs or lobsters if you can eat them. Whatever you like and can eat.
babytiger June 7, 2011
You can leave it out all together. If you want to have seafood, scallops will work. Squid is another option.
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