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The metric thread keeps popping up from time to time. I thought I would throw it out this time because I'm noticing that some well known food bloggers are beginning to list gram weights along side cups, perhaps out of necessity because they write for the international market. But on the domestic front, King Arthur Flour also lists gram weights and volumes. Just wondering if anyone at Food 52 has ever considered letting contributors post recipes in gram weights as well as ounces or cups?

  • Posted by: Linn
  • January 5, 2013


BoulderGalinTokyo January 6, 2013
It was really difficult to change to metric on my old scale (up and down, messy, not very accurate). But my new digital scale can weigh up to 2 kilos with extreme accuracy, and there's a button to push--weigh your bowl or cup, and the button will recalculate back to 0, so much less mess.
Also Australian measuring cups are not the same volume as US cups.
Maedl January 6, 2013
I much prefer using weight measurements in place of cups. It is more accurate and I think more convenient--you can measure ingredients straight into a bowl if you tare, and I end up with fewer spills and messes on the counter.
Sam1148 January 5, 2013
IMHO there are too many variables in flour. KA flour lists only 115 grams/cup. (or used too). While USDA flour is 124/cup for AP flour.
Southern blends like White Lilly and Gold Medal AP go to 130g/cup or 135 for bread flour.

That's a big matrix there to quantify in a recipe.

To quantify it by gram weight the special type of flour used is needed. This is why some people fail using grandma recipes from the south (where it's assumed you use soft AP gold medal, white lilly). And why some northern recipes fail using soft AP flour.
I failed many times using cup measurements making "no kneed bread" until I adjusted for our Southern blend of softer flour AP at 130g/cup.
Merrill S. January 5, 2013
Our current system doesn't allow people to select multiple measurement types from the drop-down menu, but anyone is welcome to add alternative measurements to the free-form text box we use for ingredient names. And stay tuned for more on this issue -- we're thinking about it!
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