Scale vs cups. I think scales are more accurate but I am beginning to wonder

I needed 2 cups of flour or 284 grams. I used the scale and measured 284 g. However, it looked like more than 2 cups. I measured the flour in my measuring cup it was almost 3 cups. Why is this? I tried it two times and the scale always seemed to have more flour than the cup. Which is correct?



AntoniaJames June 26, 2021
I'm guessing that was a typo, and they mean 248 (not 284), which is 2 times 124 grams - a fairly standard mass measure for a cup of flour. Where was the recipe? If it's on Food52, we can ask the author, and have it corrected. ;o)

HalfPint June 26, 2021
Whose measurements are you using? 1 cup of all purpose flour can range from 100g to 125g. So 142g of flour sounds like more than 1 cup, which is backed up by your observation that it measures to almost 3 cups. If the recipe specifies 284g, then that is what I would use. But if the recipe was written as 2 cups, then use the cups. There is an obvious typo with one of these numbers.
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