Sunday Pork Ragu Recipe calls for 8 links of sausages in total. How many pounds would this be. What size sausage links. can i also use dried chirizo?



cookinginvictoria January 7, 2013
Sorry I didn't see this question earlier. Hope that you enjoyed the ragu! Agree with above posters that chorizo would not be the best choice for this recipe -- it would definitely impart a different flavor profile. In terms of amounts, the recipe is pretty forgiving. I would say anywhere between 1 1/2 pounds and 2 pounds of sausage will work fine. The key is to do a mix of sweet and hot sausages, if you can. :)
mrstkach January 6, 2013
I ended up using 7 sausages (real italian) and a rack of back ribs as I couldn't get the necks. It seems like a lot of meat but I am following the recipe exactly. I just overflowed my sink while typing this - AWESOME, water everywhere - ha.
nutcakes January 6, 2013
The links run 3 to 4 per lb, depending on size. I agree on the 2 lbs. and of course the dried chorizo won't serve the same function here compared to a raw sausage and would be a waste of the chorizo in a way.
mrstkach January 6, 2013
i agree about the chirizo just had some nice ones on hand. thanks guys
sdebrango January 6, 2013
Since CookinginVictoria removes the meat from the casings you could just buy loose sausage meat both sweet and hot Italian sausage. I buy Italian sausage all the time and I think 8 links would be about 2 lbs give or take. I agree with Matt NO to the chorizo, totally different flavor profile and this is an Italian ragu
Matt W. January 6, 2013
I do not know about the pounds but if you have medium or large that would be good. I would also not use the dried chirizo.
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