Turkey cooked to 170 and rested, juices are running clear. But pink juices coming from cavity. Undercooked?

  • Posted by: Savour
  • November 23, 2010


nutcakes November 23, 2010
Cut the legs and thighs off, if they are still too pink, return to the roasting pan. Slice up the breast. if too pink pour a little stock over and heat. But I'm guessing the breast will be done. I do this with turkey now so my breast stays moist and the legs are completely cooked.
jenmmcd November 23, 2010
I'm glad you asked this question b/c every single time I cook a chicken this is what seems to happen, and it's exactly as campagnes says. The white meat is fine and the dark meat will need more time.
buck November 23, 2010
I'd say 180 degrees at the dark meat (behind the wings)
mrslarkin November 23, 2010
I think it's fine. Is it a regular ol' bird or heritage? I've read heritage birds tend to still have pink juices when fully cooked. Make some crazy-good gravy with all those drippings.

usuba dashi is right, make sure you aren't hitting bone when sticking in the thermometer. It's the meaty part of the thigh and the breast you're looking for.

If it's stuffed, stuffing should be 165 too.
campagnes November 23, 2010
I've had this happen before twice.. Yep, you're undercooked. Even if you get into the breast and find that it's great, your dark meat will likely need more time in the oven. It's usually been an issue with my thermometer, but like usuba dashi said above, I've also missed the "armpit" and gotten an incorrect reading. I've put the turkey back in in 20-minute increments and prayed real hard. Good luck.. hope yours comes out great!
usuba D. November 23, 2010
Where did you take the temperature? The "armpit" of the leg is the most accurate spot, but can be easily missed when inserting the thermometer. You have to feel around a bit to make sure you are not touching the bones and have the meat only.

Your thermometer could also be not calibrated.

Was there stuffing in the cavity?
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