Turkey breast still pink

I cooked a “no need to thaw” 6.3 lb bonein frozen turkey breast in a cooking bag on 375 for 2.75 hours and then let it cool (fell asleep) for 3 hours and now I realize it is still pink and under cooked... can I put it back in at 375 for about 30 more minutes to finish cooking and will it be ok to eat?

Lisa Meadows


LeBec F. March 8, 2019
Of course you can continue to roast it; [after 40 years as a professional chef]. It's standard practice among professional chefs That (pre-cooking and then finishing a la minute], is done, for chicken, roasts, etc.; otherwise, the diner's wait time for some dishes- would be intolerable.
***But LIGHT PINK is what my turkey is when it is PERFECTLY COOKED/Still moist inside. 'No pink' translates as overcooked and dry.
p.s. i am not talking about raw here; there should be no blood present, only pale pink juices.
Charlie S. February 26, 2019
No. It is highly likely the turkey spent too much time in the temperature 'danger zone.' Restaurants can pull off partially cooked food that is finished later, but only with very tight temperature controls and monitoring.
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