Letting Turkey rest.

I cooked my bird according to the Russ Parson’s recipe, and it turned out really nice (I did the same last year). But, I have one lingering question about letting the bird rest, so that next year can be even better.

I let the turkey rest for about a half an hour, maybe a bit longer, but when I cut into it it was full of juices that ran out everywhere. Did this mean that I did not let it rest long enough and it could have been even juicer or just that the bird will always have juices that run out?

It was delicious, but want to make sure to keep improving.

Thanks in advance,

  • Posted by: scott
  • November 28, 2015
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aargersi November 29, 2015
The conventional wisdom is a 30 minute rest but you can for sure go longer. I think if you are roasting a very large bird you SHOULD rest it longer, and more juices will re-absorb. That said, if you are making a juicy bird (yay you!) then some are going to escape no matter what - if you can catch them, put them in your gravy!
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