Why am I still seeing no answers?



Angelina November 24, 2014
i cannot see answers to questions via web browser or respond. do i need to do something special?
Michael H. January 25, 2013
Oops I meant to write this this issue has NOW been resolved. It's fixed, I swear!
Michael H. January 25, 2013
Hi, all. This issue has not been resolved. Restart your iPhone app and you should see answers again. Thanks!
jsdunbar January 24, 2013
It's on my iPhone that I can't see any answers. I touch the question in the usual way & am forwarded to the complete question but no answers show. My iPhone is my usual way of viewing food52.
Michael H. January 23, 2013
I should also mention that you can view this an other questions, with their answers, at http://food52.com/hotline in your web browser. Even though you can't see answers as an app users, I'm posting this here so that you will receive it as an email. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We'll have the app fixed as soon as possible.
Michael H. January 23, 2013
Hi, all. We are working to fix the problem that is causing the iPhone app not to display Hotline answers. Thanks for your patience.
bigpan January 23, 2013
Me too - but you won't see this reply !
Chef L. January 23, 2013
Me neither
Kristen M. January 23, 2013
Hi jsdunbar, can you clarify what you mean? i.e. Are you using our Hotline iPhone app? Are you not seeing answers on any questions, or just on specific ones? Thanks!
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