All of a sudden I started getting emails from food52 saying that additional answers have been posted to a question... - Food52

All of a sudden I started getting emails from food52 saying that additional answers have been posted to a question I answered. How do I stop

I did not change anything on my profile nor can I see anywhere to turn it off! Please make it stop!!

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bottomupfood January 27, 2013
But this solution requires that I go back toe very thread I have commented on, doesn't it?
Amanda H. September 16, 2012
Just letting everyone know that we haven't had a chance to fix the missing check box on individual questions on the iPad -- because some other more urgent technical issues have come up -- but everyone is still able to (and have always been able to) opt out of notifications from your main settings page. Please keep in mind that if you do this, you won't get any notifications.

Also, just to be clear, we don't see this as a forum, or a place for hit-and-run commentary -- if you participate on Food52, it's implicit that you're willing to be a part of an interactive community. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to control some portion of that interactivity, but respecting and taking an interest in other people's contributions is important.
Amanda H. September 16, 2012
One correction: The notification check-box *does* now work on the iPad. It's located between the answer open field and the "reply" button. Hope this is helpful.
chef O. September 13, 2012
So it's been a month... no changes, no check box on Ipad application and an in-bin full of responses I seriously do not need. Just so the editors know, I participate in other forums where I do not get inundated with emails posts.
I like this forum but not enough to jam up my mail with unwanted and unasked for responses.
I'm outta here! Good luck.
BocaCindi August 29, 2012
As long as we'll have the option to stop the email notifications for 'Someone commented on a thread you contributed to' after Labor Day, I can be patient. Thanks in advance.
Kristen W. August 27, 2012
That's funny, I don't know how recent "recent" is, but I've been using the hotline for months and I had the same thing happen a few days ago. I don't mind, though, so I didn't try to find out why.
chef O. August 26, 2012
Perhaps the check box Amanda references does not work on the iPad because it does not appear as an option for me. As an additional note the moderators this has just started happening in the last few days and again I've made no changes to my profile or how I've been answering questions
Amanda H. August 26, 2012
Thank you for pointing this out. Will add it to our "fix" list immediately. Also, the reason you've just begun receiving notifications is that all new users are supposed to be opted into this (obviously, with an opt-out option in your user settings). We just recently discovered that they have not been opted in to notifications for some time. Our initial fix was to opt-in anyone who signed up recently (you must be part of this group). For the less recent group, we did not automatically opt them back in. Right after Labor Day, we plan to send out an email to all of our members, explaining the situation and giving them the opportunity to opt in if they haven't already been. Hope this explains the recent influx of notifications. And thanks for your patience -- we'll get the iPad detail fixed soon (we're all out of the office next week but the week after will be back at it!).

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Amanda H. August 26, 2012
Actually we don't recommend this because then you will never get any notifications from Food52 -- and won't know when someone has responded to a thread you've contributed to, or when someone has commented on your recipe, etc. To stop notifications to a question, there is a checkbox to the bottom right of the answer form that says "No need to email me as additional answers are added to this question." Simply check this box and click the "Add" button. Then you'll stop receiving all notifications about this question. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
sdebrango August 26, 2012
Go to your profile, to the left of the page click on settings, scroll down you will see check boxes for email notifications, newsletters etc.. uncheck email notifications and save.
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