Persimmons Not in Season?

I was disappointed to find that nobody (in Colorado at least) seemed to have persimmons for the recipe I wanted to submit for the contest. The produce guy at Whole Foods told me they were here earlier, but not any longer. I even tried the asian grocery stores. I am wondering if they are available elsewhere as the season here seems to be closer to November/December and very early January.



BoulderGalinTokyo January 25, 2013
We're having a really cold winter (for Tokyo) and my trees were bare about the end of November (both Hachiya and Fuyu). My box lasted until Christmas. But they still can be found in the stores EXPENSIVELY.
AntoniaJames January 24, 2013
Our local persimmon season was all ended about three weeks ago. Those in the stores were terribly sad, indeed. I therefore did not enter the contest. . . . ;o)
Panfusine January 24, 2013
The quality of the available fruits was definitely better a month ago..the ones I got last week for the contest were FUYU rather than the Hachiyas that I was looking for..
EmilyC January 24, 2013
Same experience here in Northern VA! The ones I bought were shipped in from Israel and the quality left something to be desired!
pierino January 24, 2013
We still have them in California but the season is rapidly winding down and we won't see them for much longer.
sdebrango January 24, 2013
Maybe they are keeping them in state because every store I have spoken with said they are not getting the shipments from California that they usually do. I love persimmons and buy them every year, miss them here.
aargersi January 24, 2013
I searched high and low too - in Texas - and found one flat sort of stashed by the apples at one store ... I suppose it really depends where you are, ours were earlier too. But then, our tomatoes, peaches, well all summer stuff are ready months before the same in NY ....
sdebrango January 24, 2013
I live in Brooklyn and only found some VERY sad persimmons at one store and I went to 4 different stores, I decided not to take a trip to Manhattan, probably could have found them there. Fresh Direct didn't have any at all they said it's California's cold weather that has put a damper on crops.
HalfPint January 24, 2013
Yeah, that sounds about right. My father-in-law (in Napa, CA) has two trees and he harvested all of them last month.
QueenSashy January 24, 2013
Actually, I observed the same thing as savorthis. We still have them in NYC, but in most of the places I tried to buy them, the quality was pretty low. Looks like November/December seems to be the real season.
Monita January 24, 2013
In NYC we still have persimmons
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