Is pork shoulder blade the same as pork butt? It's specifically country style ribs



QueenSashy January 27, 2013
All nicely illustrated here
WannabeBaker January 27, 2013
Ha, the crown roast tag is an accident - I think the only thing I wrote is pork. Not sure how it got on there.
WannabeBaker January 27, 2013
Thanks guys! I just need them for pulled pork, so it's not a big deal that they're not really ribs. They definitely have a lot of fat in them, so I think they're fine for pulled pork.
ChefOno January 26, 2013

Pork shoulder blade *roast* is the same as a pork butt (butt and picnic being the two main roasts from the shoulder), however, like many marketing terms, "country-style ribs" is not a precise, definitive term. You'll find them cut from the shoulder, in which case they're not really ribs (telltale shoulder bone or boneless). Or they could be cut the way they're supposed to be cut, from the rib end of the loin (should have actual ribs and say "loin" on package).

pierino January 27, 2013
ChefOno brings up the same thought I was intending to address. The butt/shoulder is the primal section where these two "roasts" come from. But, and that's a big ole butt, the blade will most likely still have bone. And exactly as Ono noted "country style ribs" covers a multitude of sins. Typically in a supermarket style foam package these are boneless. I'm still a bit baffled by the tag "crown roast" which would indeed be a different part of the animal from the shoulder.
Monita January 26, 2013
Yes - same
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