Ombre cake definition

I know what an ombre cake is ( a layer cake with graded hues of a single colour, as well as matching, graded frosting) but I cant find any background information about its origins. Do you know more? Please share. Many thanks

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Kitchen B. April 24, 2013
@TexasOkie, Bevi, thank you for the wonderful links. Appreciate it.
Bevi April 24, 2013
here's a beauty with a recipe:
Texas O. April 24, 2013
The website is quoted as saying that translated from French, ombre means "shaded", hope this helps.
Kitchen B. February 2, 2013
Thanks for your the link sdebrango, and your insight bigpan. I'm off to Google to seek some more, and will report back, for what it worth
bigpan February 2, 2013
Ombré is a term that probably originated in the textile industry noting fabric, weavings, or materials that graduate in color form dark to light. Usually the darker color being at the bottom end (eg curtains) as it is "heavier".
It can be by dying or changing the weave material. I would not be surprised if this term dates back to the Incas.
Somewhere in history a baker did the same with a cake.
Today in a bakers kitchen the term can be applied to either the cake or the icing, or both ... an ombré style cake.
sdebrango February 2, 2013
Hi KB, don't know much about the history of the ombre cake but here is a blog that has a beautiful cake
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