Modifying layer cake to sheet cake for transport issues

I'm helping a friend who is an inexperienced baker make a cake for her boyfriend's birthday. I just found out that they will be taking it out of town on a 3 hour drive, and it's already pretty warm these days in Texas.

The cake is Smitten Kitchen's smores cake from her book. I've made it before and it is a fantastic two layer cake, filled with chocolate ganache and coated in a 7-minute frosting that gets torched.

My current plan is to modify it by baking in a 9x13 single layer and topping with the ganache, or maybe just melted milk chocolate and transporting it in this state. Before serving, she can top it with marshmallows and set it under the broiler just to brown them and then serve it out of the pan.

Any other suggestions? Am I on the right track?

  • Posted by: Angela
  • June 1, 2015


Garlic F. June 2, 2015
Is the cake sturdy enough to be baked in a bundt pan? If so, bake the cake in bundt pan, drizzle w ganache on site?
Angela June 2, 2015
But then there's nowhere for the marshmallows!
I don't think that will work here, but I'll keep it mind for when I make the cake at home again sometime. With the normal icing and chocolate drizzled over, that could look quite nice.
Garlic F. June 2, 2015
I love a challenge. Ganache can be made ahead of time and reheated gently to desired consistency. I've inadvertently done that many times. Give it a stir and it's good to go. How about an angel food cake pan? Instead of coating the entire cake with marshmallows, just decorate the top and base?
Nancy June 2, 2015
I'd worry about the ganache getting very messy travelling 3 hour in hot Texas weather. perhaps leave the cake plain for travelling, add ganache or milk chocolate and the marshmallows just before serving, grill to melt chocolate and broil the marshmallows.
Angela June 2, 2015
I'm not sure she could deal with having to make ganache upon arrival, and I figure any chocolate she brings would melt in the car anyway, so it might as well melt on the cake. It should stay contained in the cake pan and not get all over things. She also said they'd be driving in the evening, so maybe the temperatures won't be too bad anyway.
I was mostly concerned if the ganache would separate and become inedible.
Nancy June 2, 2015
Angela - got it, the friend making this cake is an inexperienced cook. Two further suggestions. 1) Bring the ganache or chocolate, and even the cake, if there's room, in a cooler box so they are not hot, melted, ruined on arrival. 2) have her make an easier cake without chocolate garnish, something that will be easier to transport in heat or make on arrival - e.g. a lemon glaze.
Amitha's E. June 1, 2015
I live in Ca and has transported cakes with chocolate ganache on a long drive on a hot day. If she is able to keep it cool and out of direct sun light then placing the chocolate on it is fine. I have learned the hard way about keeping the car cool but the cake still in the direct sun light which made the ganache start to melt within an hour or so of the trip. You could also place the marshmallows on, brown them and when she get there she can drizzle the chocolate on top.
Angela June 2, 2015
Thanks. I'll tell her to keep it in the shade.
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