What is the best way of towering a cake, using pans that are different sizes?

I am baking a tower cake, using 2 x 8" 2 x6 4 x4 pans. I have individually frosted the cakes as layer cakes, and want to stack them up, but am scared they will collapse as soon as I light the candles... Any tips? Thanks!

Señora Hughes


hardlikearmour June 14, 2014
I typically use foam core between the layers, and support with straws. Insert a straw into the center of the layer, and cut it to the height of the cake, then remove it and use it as a guide to cut the other straws for that layer.
Nancy June 14, 2014
Get clean wooden dowels, approximately 4 to six for the biggest cake and 2 to 4 each for the smaller ones. cut to height. insert in each cake. stack next cake atop first one, with some kind of a bottom barrier (cardboard or removable bottom of cake pan), repeat. complete frosting of top layer once all is assembled.
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