wait, butter is not dairy?



usuba D. February 9, 2013
That is "out" of an udder
usuba D. February 9, 2013
Anything our of an udder is dairy. . . .any thoughts otherwise would be udderly ridicules. (Sorry, couldn't help myself)
SeaJambon February 8, 2013
Oh my. Well, let's see, I know of people who are lactose intolerant (my daughter), have a severe dairy allergy (my grandmother), and are cassein (the protein in dairy; lactose is the sugar) averse. While they are all different, the common denominator is dairy -- avoid dairy and you won't have trouble with any. However, if you are "merely" lactose intolerant, there may be certain types of dairy (e.g., goat's milk) or dairy in certain forms (many yogurts) that aren't a problem. And, of course, there can be degrees (like jmburns suggests). Either butter or even a scoop of ice cream would be a problem for my daughter. Bottom line: of course butter is dairy.
jmburns February 8, 2013
I am lactose intolerant but I can eat butter and even a scoop of ice cream. Not a bowl of but a scoop. Bowl of cereal too much milk Cheese on a sandwich ok but a hunk of cheddar not so good.
kimhw February 6, 2013
I think people mistake allergy to dairy and lactose intolerance. I don't condone this. But some people don't understand that there is a true difference.
FutureChef February 6, 2013
Maybe in 'merika, but not in America. You're not crazy. I read the same thing.

Everybody has brain malfunctions--late at night, I guess. Thy might be thinking lactose intolerance. Lots of lactose intolerant are ok with butter in moderate quantities.
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