What is the best shortening/butter substitute for dairy-free icing?

Blythe Hoerr


marie95 May 19, 2019
I have used Earth Balance buttery sticks for years; I find that the Earth Balance tub buttery spread has more water than the sticks. I also add Rice Dream enriched rice milk as the non-dairy liquid.
louisez May 15, 2019
I like a more expensive option: Miyoko's cultured vegan butter. I use it as a straight substitute for butter in cooking, baking, as well as for icing. Good flavor.
Blythe H. May 16, 2019
Good to know, thank you!
Nancy May 14, 2019
Blythe - another idea. If you want a simple glaze, the olive oil glaze in this recipe works nicely on most cakes whose flavor is compatible with lemon.
If lemon not suitable, you may get good results by substituting spirits...almond or hazelnut liqueur, brandy, armagnac and so on.
Blythe H. May 16, 2019
Ooo, that sounds delightful. Thanks for the tip!
Wendy May 14, 2019
Hi Blythe,

I have been making vegan cupcakes and cakes for almost 20 years and have experimented a lot. I have found that the best replacement for butter in frosting is also the least expensive: Becel margarine. Becel has recently started marketing their product as “plant based.” The important thing to remember when substituting for butter in frosting is that it has a higher water content so that apart for adding flavours and colours, do not add any extra liquid such as almond milk. Also, it is nice to add tofutti or plant based cream cheese. I hope this helps!
Blythe H. May 16, 2019
This is so helpful! Thanks a bunch!
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