restaurant recommendation in Phoenix

Next weekend I'll be in Phoenix for one night only, and would love a restaurant recommendation. I'll be staying near the Celebrity theater, on 32nd near Van Buren St. Don't care if it's high-end or a hole-in-the-wall; just want a great meal with great service. I've also asked on chowhound, but I thought I'd see what my fellow food 52-ers (there has to be a better moniker than that!) have to say. Thx in advance!

Kristen W.


Kristen W. February 9, 2013
By the way, do you think Pizzeria Bianco will have a wait list a mile long on a Saturday night? I assume that they don't take reservations, but maybe I should check on that...(haven't made a final decision yet, but P.B. is definitely a contender).
pierino February 9, 2013
Pizzeria Bianco always has a long wait line although they have a wine bar/cafe to chill for awhile. This time of year they are typically very busy because all of the "snow birds" are flocking to AZ.
Kristen W. February 9, 2013
Thanks for the tip, Pierino. I'll be sure to drive carefully. :)
pierino February 9, 2013
Allow me to add that the motto on the state license plate should be "The Car Crash State." Running red lights is the state blood sport and during the many times I've traveled through the corridor between Phoenix and Tucson I've seen many ghastly wrecks. Official statistics back me up on this. So drive carefully. Don't assume that if you have a green light that you have the right of way.
Kristen W. February 9, 2013
Cool, thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
Steven W. February 8, 2013
I ate last March a restaurant named Noca. It was excellent in both service and food. Here's a link:

It's an unpretentious place that's located in a strip mall off Camelback Rd..
drbabs February 8, 2013
There's a blogger who writes about Phoenix restaurants-- maybe something here will strike your fancy:
You could probably ask him for a recommendation.
Kristen W. February 8, 2013
Thanks for the suggestion, Kristen. Incidentally, I just realized I made an error: we'll be staying near the airport, and heading TO the Celebrity Theater, if it makes a difference in terms of what's convenient.
Kristen M. February 8, 2013
I've always wanted to plan a trip to Phoenix on Pizzeria Bianco's reputation alone:
pierino February 9, 2013
I will second Kristen's rec for Chris Bianco's place. Some people consider it to be the pizzeria in the US. I would be one of them.
I would also mention Roaring Fork on N.Scottsdale Rd. if it's still there. They moved to a really bad, almost underground location.
And I'll add Durant's on Central for a real old time feel. Dark, very dark with leatherette banquettes. It will take your eyes at least five minutes to adjust so that you can read the menu. Light rail stops outside.
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