More artichoke questions

I just removed the chokes from several fresh artichokes. How can I keep them until Thursday when I plan to stuff them? And can I keep and steam the l

Joey Emmert


Greenstuff February 16, 2013
Generally, when artichoke hearts are frozen, they are blanched first. That's the only trick.
Joey E. February 16, 2013
Reporting back - they kept fairly green while frozen (I just dipped them in lemon water and rubbed them with a lemon just prior to freezing). But they browned quite a bit during thawing. My lesson - prep the day you are using them! Thanks for all the input. Although in the recipe I was using (Jerusalem cookbook) the authors talk about the families that freeze these once the season is over, so it must be possible.
Sam1148 February 12, 2013
I'd dip them in solution of citric acid (Aka: Sour Salt)...or Vitamin C powder, or "Fruit Fresh"; and then tightly wrap them.
I think that's still quite a bit of time for storage without it browning tho.
Greenstuff February 12, 2013
If you're going to freeze your artichokes, you have to cook them first. Otherwise, they'll turn brown.
SeaJambon February 12, 2013
BTW: since you've been designated "guinea pig" -- please report back so that we can learn from you! :)
ChefJune February 12, 2013
Joey, I think you're going to be the guinea pig for this. I've never tried to prep artichokes more than a couple of hours ahead, either. I'd definitely go with coating the cut surfaces with lemon juice, and maybe putting the cut lemon into the storage container with the artichokes.
SeaJambon February 12, 2013
I've never done this more than just ahead, so don't actually know, but would be concerned about discoloring (maybe lots of lemon juice?) and would think the fridge, in a plastic bag, with a damp paper towel would be the best bet. I readily admit I'm guessing and defer to anyone who has done this before.
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