Cooking dinner and can’t decide

I’m cooking peppers, garlic, tomatoes in olive oil and I have several options to try. I have fresh basil. I can add either Parmesan and truffle oil or artichokes and feta. Which do you think I should try? Planning to serve with rice or angel hair

Kelly Reed


Smalltowngirl September 22, 2020
Feta and artichoke combo is my vote! Bright flavours with all those deep rich peppers. Squeeze of lemon right before serving. On angel hair....the bread will round it out for a nice non-centric Mediterranean meal. Perhaps a classic duo of balsamic and oil for swiping the bread and a simple green salad, done. Happy eating!
Nancy September 22, 2020
All subsets sound fine. Choose a carb, veg or flavoring based on:
• Preference of one or more of diners
• Amount available/needed
• Flip of coin.
Just don't use both cheeses or basil and truffle oil at same time, as too many flavors will drown out delicate ones.
Kelly R. September 22, 2020
I also have Asiago/basil bread
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