My turn to ask a question instead of answering.

I have a Wolf 36" dual stove (electric oven/gas cooktop). It has a temperature probe that I have been reluctant to use, for no rational reason. Does anyone have experience with this and its level of accuracy? Will I get an accurate read on my turkey or should I just stick with my instant read thermometer? Thank you.

  • Posted by: phyllis
  • November 23, 2010


phyllis November 26, 2010
Thanks. I used both and the probe and my thermapen were within five degrees of each other!!! The turkey was cooked perfectly.
pierino November 23, 2010
Go with the instant read if it's really "instant", like a thermapen. While I'm not actually an Alton Brown type gadget nut there are tools that at times can really help you out. I have a laser gun that tells me the actual temperature of the sides of the oven I'm working with. My previous oven was off by fully 25 degrees from the dial setting.
gigiaxline November 23, 2010
you can use both this time and then you will be able to verify if your "built-in" is accurate!
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