I am planning sunday dinner, thinking about lamb/grits for main menu, ideas for sides/flavour combos?

  • Posted by: ChefFace
  • February 14, 2013


QueenSashy February 15, 2013
How about cauliflower cous cous, Sam1148 has a nice description of the technique. You could add lemon, olive oil and parsley. Sometimes I add peas, it is very refreshing.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 15, 2013
perhaps some brussell sprouts?
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 15, 2013
perhaps some brussell sprouts?
ATG117 February 15, 2013
If you take this in a more mediterranean direction, you can search for some of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes. He does a lot of eggplant, couscous, and other delicious dishes with flavor combos that would stand up well with the lamb.

Fo your current menu, I was thinking broccoli rabe might be nice. Roasted brussel sprouts?

It would help to know how you are spicing the lamb and what you plan on adding to the grits.
ChefFace February 15, 2013
Thanks for the tip! I just lost about 30 minutes to drooling over some of those recipes. I definitely agree a hefty green would make a good side... torn between some mediterranean flavors or earthy herbs and wine sauce and goat cheese grits... thank you so much for the suggestions!
aargersi February 14, 2013
These are some great eggplant recipes I have made - from the site:



ChefJune February 14, 2013
When I see "grits" in the title, I think Southern. How about some sauteed greens? Fresh collards really don't need hours and a lot of fatback. We like them best first blanched then sauteed with onion and garlic and a bit of cider vinegar added to let them steam in for about 20 minutes.
ChefFace February 14, 2013
Yum, I like them that way too, often trying to lighten up southern favorites to enlighten my fellow diners on delicious ways to prepare them without quite the hefty amount of fat traditionally applied. Good call :)
aargersi February 14, 2013
I happen to be making lamb and couscous tonight! Coincidence! I am planning a sort spiced lamb - I will toast cinnamon stick, white peppercorn, cumin seed and a bit of fennel seed and grind them up, then cook the lamb with onions and prunes, red wine and blood orange, and some preserved lemon (and the spice of course) into a stew. I am going to keep the couscous plain as there is a lot going on in the stew. We will have a green salad alongside. And wine of COURSE!

That's with stew meat - what cut are you planning? I love salty grilled chops with a bright tart chimichurri. You could also go Southern and make a sort of chili spiced lamb on cheese grits. Anyone who doesn't love cheese grits has a hole in their soul.

And then sides depend on the lamb treatment ...
ChefFace February 14, 2013
Yummmm I wish I was eating at your house tonight! We were thinking chops and I do have a grillmaster as a guest ... agreed, cheese grits are a regular staple... but now you are making me crave some more ethnic flavors... Thanks for the ideas! I will go armed into the store with an eye for freshest herbs and produce picks... Now you have me thinking about your chosen flavors.. Eggplant appetizer? (One of the guests is vegetarian, one only eats meats and carbs.... trying to beef up a side or appetizer for my vegeteraian so she gets her protein in as well)
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