what's the time of roasting beef per lb for a perfect mid. rare ?



bigpan February 27, 2013
PS - my 325F is convection.
pierino February 27, 2013
Yes, a non-convection oven will probably take longer. Personally I would begin with a hotter oven, like 375F. Trust the dial. What really matters is the internal temperature of the meat.
bigpan February 27, 2013
all ovens are different temnps, and all roasts are different. Using 325F I would consider about 15 min./lb for med rare, BUT, always use a thermometer. Start checking when you think it is 3/4 done and pull it out at 130F and tent and rest for 15-20 minutes. I like it a bit more rare and want to be double sure it does not overcook, so I pull it out at 125F.
Invest in a good instant-read thermometer.
Kristen M. February 26, 2013
Check out this recipe -- it's an unusual method, but we love it. http://food52.com/recipes/15387-ann-seranne-s-rib-roast-of-beef
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