Two simultaneous Beef Wellingtons

This Christmas I’m using a beef Wellington recipe that I have used successfully for many holidays. This year, however, we have a much larger crowd and I need to prepare two simultaneously. Regular sized home oven. Approx 9.5 lbs of beef total. Do I need to adjust cooking time or temp for this? Want to make sure they are both medium rare and the crust is perfect as usual. Many thanks,

Philip Clinton


aargersi December 22, 2021
I’d think keep the temperature the same and plan on an increased cook time. Make sure you have a reliable meat thermometer so you can check the internal temperature, and be prepared to tent them in foil if the puff pastry begins to get too dark.
Philip C. December 22, 2021
Tenting to prevent the pastry from getting too dark...Excellent suggestion!
Nancy December 23, 2021
Yes to all you said.
And here's some reference info on internal temperatures to go for (point #4 in linked article).
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