chick peas/fresh

My local asian market has fresh chick peas for sale. How do you cook them? Are they used the same as canned or dried in recipes?



Frontalgirl February 21, 2013
Thanks to both of you. I'll get some this week and experiment. Sauteing them sounds especially wonderful!
petitbleu February 21, 2013
You can also toss the chickpeas still in the pods with some oil and spices and sauté until the pods are beginning to blacken in a hot pan or skillet--eat like you would edamame (don't eat the pod!).
Elizabeth R. February 21, 2013
Fresh garbanzo beans are a lot more tender than their dried/reconstituted counterparts, but I'm pretty sure you can use them anywhere you would have used them when they were dried (spreads, salads, side dishes). Because they're fresh I wouldn't stew them or put them in things like chili though. You also have to shell them if they are still in their pod. Then you can blanch them and then peel their skin covering if you want smooth purees and such. It might seem like a hassle but that vibrant green color is totally worth the effort. Hope this helped!
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