Bought some beautiful fresh sugar snap peas. Can anybody recommend a salad or other dish that features raw peas?



Bevi June 28, 2011
I like to toss sugar snap peas in a little butter flavored with mint or thyme. I most lately chopped in a little lemon verbena and it was a lovely taste.
ellenl June 28, 2011
You already have responses from an illustrious crowd. That said, here's something simple that I think is delicious. Blanch the peas, drain, and toss with lemon juice, evoo, and chopped fresh mint. Delicious with anything. I made it with grilled salmon.
wssmom June 27, 2011
All I can say is, I am bedazzled by the talent that responded to this question!!
lorigoldsby June 27, 2011
Hardlikearmour has a beautiful recipe with grated ricotta that I can't wait to try.
Anitalectric June 27, 2011
There was a rice salad at City Bakery that I used to love when I worked near there. It was black (forbidden) rice, kaffir lime leaves, scallions and sugar snap peas in a sesame-lime dressing (lime juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper or something like that). It's my favorite way to eat them!
Cathy E. June 27, 2011
If you're looking for a more Asian twist, I think the sweetness of snap peas and its snappy texture goes great when sauteed lightly with slivers of ginger and a splash of soy sauce! Here's a recipe with that as well as some fish:
Mollie K. June 20, 2011
I love Melissa's idea of the very thinly sliced snaps tossed into a grain salad. And here's a very quick (2 minute) flash-in-the-pan idea: Sugar Snaps with a Single Herb (you get to choose which one):
Melissa C. June 14, 2011
I love to thinly slice sugar snaps and use them in farro or rice or couscous salad - the little bites of sweet juiciness are so nice next to the grain.
boulangere June 12, 2011
Well, there's Sara Moulton's beautiful salad featured this week. The snap peas are blanched, but only just. And the salad looks fantastic. I'm using it in a class later this week.
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