How do you prepare mussels

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la D. February 21, 2013
I often make this simple recipe for mussels simmered in rosé wine
dymnyno February 21, 2013
First you need to clean the mussels with little stiff brush to remove any sand and whatever could be sticking to them. Then remove the beard by pulling it off. I like to cook mussels very simply in a big pot with sliced fennel,garlic, parsley, onions, tomatoes and a splash of pernod or licorice flavored liquor and 2 cups white wine. Saute everything except the mussels in a little olive oil. Then add the pernod and give it a few minutes for the alcohol to burn off; then add the wine and bring to a boil. Add the mussels and cover for a minute or two. Check that all mussels are opened. If not, discard. Serve in bowls with the broth.
ChefJune February 22, 2013
Yum! Don't forget the crusty baguette to sop up all the great juices.
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