Has anyone bought frozen mussels?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


innoabrd April 11, 2011
That's mostly what we get here in South Africa and, frankly, based on my experience, I'd say, "why bother?" If you can't get good fresh ones, they're just not worth it except, perhaps, as an addition to a soup or something in which they are not the main attraction.
Sam1148 April 10, 2011
There's a product at my local supermarket. Frozen Mussels in tomato garlic sauce..in a vac pack bag with the sauce. It heats up nicely..and the sauce is pretty good. No, it's not as good as freash ones. But for 6 dollars for two...it's a nice freezer addition.
It's not spectacular , but just fine for a weeknight defrost meal. However even with those some of them don't open when steamed..so those get discarded.

Actually, I think that's what most of the chain resturants use for their portions of mussels. Debag and heat them and serve them to the guest for a 200 percent mark up.
I'm fairly certain this product (from a Publix market) is raw muscles and the sauce is put in the bag for steaming as they weren't very rubbery (as mentioned above) when made to the box specs..but yes..a bit of texture to them, but worth the freezer item storage.
boulangere April 9, 2011
Are they frozen raw or frozen cooked? I've frozen steamed mussels, and was not happy with the results when thawed. I don't care for them cold (unlike shrimp), and even gently rewarmed in a steamer, the texture was rubbery.
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