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Back in the 1970s, I studied with Lydie Marshall, who used a supplier of AAA butter located near the Lower East Side of NY. Lydie moved to Provence 20 years ago so I doubt that she'd remember who the supplier was. So I'm wondering if this rings a bell for anyone and if there still is (are?) any supplier of this grade of butter in the New York area.

  • Posted by: RussellW
  • February 22, 2013


Jguide June 3, 2023
Jguide. Correction: Gioffrida’s.. His restaurant was called The Hilltop Steak House.
Jguide June 3, 2023
Until approximately 20 years ago there was a restaurant in Saugus MA called Giofrida’s Steak House that served AAA butter. I have never talked to anyone who has found anywhere else that served AAA butter.
Mike December 8, 2018
You used to most definitely be able to buy AAA butter years ago in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Since my mid teenage years (I am in my 60's now) my grandfather back then, a farmer in Pine Island New York, demanded only real butter be on his table as he felt margarine put Farmers out of jobs. My family used to go to the local supermarkets to buy AAA butter, back then we mostly went to ShopRite, but you can acquire it in any of the local stores in Hudson Valley New York. I have wondered for many years why all you can purchase is double a butter, and why have they lowered the grade. So far I have not been able to get an answer.
RussellW February 26, 2013
All I remember was going down to the LES to buy the butter, which was made on the premises. I just emailed Lydie. Perhaps there's an outside chance that she would remember. If so, I'll post what I learn.
doriegreenspan February 26, 2013
RussellW, I don't think I've ever heard of Grade AAA Butter. As you probably know, AA is currently the highest grade. You've made me curious - do you remember anything else about this butter?
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