Butter overload!

Hi everyone! I am moving in two weeks and have two boxes (eight sticks) of butter. That's a lot for a girl who lives alone! I am thinking about tackling kouign-amanns but am open to suggestions for baking recipes that use (a lot of) butter. I have made croissants a few times and am looking to try something new. Any and all suggestions welcome! :)

Emily Love


sexyLAMBCHOPx July 11, 2016
You could make a batch of these cakes & snack on while driving. Warning: bring paper towels, a tad messy.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 11, 2016
Emily L. July 11, 2016
those look delicious, thanks for the link!
AntoniaJames July 11, 2016
Well, it sounds like you're really busy, if you're moving. Can you make something for the freezer, to take to your new place?
If it were me, I'd use most of it to make pie crusts, which freeze well, transport easily and don't take up much space when frozen in 6" disks. Then you'll have the convenience of tarts, quiches, savory galettes and fruit pies whenever you want in the coming months. You can break the dough down into smaller pieces to make individual tarts, or use them when entertaining.

Making ghee as suggested below is also a great idea! ;o)
Emily L. July 11, 2016
I really wish I could make pie crusts and freeze but I am driving a U-Haul across the country and I don't think they will make it!! :(
Nancy July 11, 2016
Brioche as suggested.
Pound cake, then grill it and/or use as base for strawberry shortcake
Luxurious butter frosting, in your favorite flavor and/or one you've wanted to try
Butter tarts (a Canadian treat which is essentially butter and sugar in pastry)
Kugel - sweet noodle pudding
Bread pudding (with a bread you've made using the butter)
2 suggestions outside the baking plans:
flavored butter, great for grilled fish and vegetables
ghee (Indian clarified butter, which lasts forever)...if the move is (only) across town.
Stephanie G. July 11, 2016
Brioche or double pie crust
PHIL July 11, 2016
No as fancy as Kouign-amann but pound cake............. you need 2 sticks per cake. Butter cookies use a stick and a half per batch.
Emily L. July 11, 2016
ah can't believe I didn't think about pound cake thank you!
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