noticed a soup recipe on the right side of page under a listing " a year ago today" or something close to it, before I could save it,

it disappeared. it contained I thnk, miso, tofu, and had the word "winter" in the title. something like this. Ring any bells for anyone?

  • Posted by: sheredel
  • December 25, 2011


sheredel December 25, 2011
YES! it is...thank you!!!
Kristen M. December 25, 2011
Was this it?
nutcakes December 25, 2011
I scrolled tot he bottom of the page your question was on to see the 'This Time Last Year Recipe'. I refreshed quite a few times but didn't come across it. Only saw a winter salad. You might want to use SEARCH on tofu soup and miso soup and you might find it or something that suits your tastes.
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