My Vietnamese shrimp recipe calls for corn starch Can I use flour instead ? Or something else ?

  • Posted by: katei
  • February 27, 2013


ChefOno March 1, 2013

I wasn't disagreeing with you HalfPint, only suggesting caution which I guess wasn’t necessary since apparently you were one step ahead of me. If you know anything about Vietnamese shrimp cakes you know more than I do.

HalfPint March 1, 2013
For Vietnamese fish cakes, I believe the cornstarch is there for texture, not thickening. That's why I think the flour should be ok. It might not produce the same texture, but it should work to a certain extent. I figured that since katei does not have cornstarch, chances are he/she does not have the arrowroot or tapioca starch either.
HalfPint March 1, 2013
oops, that should be 'shrimp' not 'fish' cakes.
ChefOno March 1, 2013

You have to be careful substituting flour for cornstarch: Flour has half the thickening power and tends to taste like what it is, raw flour. The best substitute depends on the temperature the dish will be cooked to and the other ingredients. Arrowroot or tapioca maybe…

bigpan February 28, 2013
I would consider arrowroot powder.
HalfPint February 27, 2013
Flour should be fine then.
Irwin February 27, 2013
vietnamese style shrimp cakes
HalfPint February 27, 2013
what are you making?
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