corn starch v corn flour

Could anyone help... can corn starch be used instead of corn flour? The recipe is from the UK and it asks for corn flour in a cheesecake... any ideas? Thank you! :)



Susan W. March 24, 2016
Corn flour is what the UK calls cornstarch. I just confirmed that with my friend who lives in Dublin.
canoetrip March 24, 2016
awesome! Thank you!!
caninechef March 24, 2016
I have no personal knowledge but per Wikipedia...Corn starch ('cornflour' in the UK), the white, powdered starch of the maize grain.
canoetrip March 24, 2016
Thank you! The baker (my husband, British btw), will now continue with the recipe :)
ChefJune March 24, 2016
I'm pretty sure "corn flour" refers to finely ground corn meal. Cornstarch would not bee a good sub.
Smaug March 24, 2016
Lord only knows with the British, but I'd guess they're referring to some sort of corn meal.
canoetrip March 24, 2016
Tricky I know... thank you for your answer!
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