Can I use my Vitamix or is it best to to use a food processor?



ellenl March 1, 2013
And the vitamix aerates everything.
Stephanie G. March 1, 2013
Although my Vitamix is much more powerful than my food processor, I use the food processor for all my nut butters. I lose lots of the recipe in my Vitamix because it doesn't come apart. The food processor's blades come off & I can use my spatula to scrape it all out. Very difficult in the Vitamix.
pierino March 1, 2013
The Vitamix is virtually self cleaning. Just a small amount of liquid detergent, fill halfway with water, clamp on the lid and crank it up to high. Anything thats left to be cleaned will be mostly on the outside.
pierino March 1, 2013
I haven't read the recipe, but for something "creamy" the Vitamix is way better than a food processor. Even a good stick blender would likely be better.
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