Question for the ladies.. Would you like these if it was your 6 month anniversary?



QueenSashy March 11, 2013
ZombieCupcake, nice touch! Even if your lady is not keen on the cups (and there is no way you can predict that, and by the way these are some good cups), she has to adore you for the idea and the effort. Go for it, good luck, and make sure you package them nicely, because presentation counts, and you want to win all the points that can be possibly won. And, congrats on your 6 months!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 11, 2013
I would love it, if I cared for coconut - which I don't. I wouldnt tell you though and be gratful and down the line we would laugh about it. : )
trampledbygeese March 11, 2013
Nice. Can I clone you?

Just a thought about the flowers though. A lot of commercial flowers are highly contaminated with pesticides, which can rub off on the food. It's strong enough to make some people ill. So maybe wrap the cupcakes individually some how to prevent transference from the flowers to the food. Or buy a food-friendly or organic bouquet.
AntoniaJames March 11, 2013
Lovely! Love it. Lucky her. ;o)
ZombieCupcake March 11, 2013
I am actually meeting her at her house with chicken saag. :) Was thinking about getting her lilies too and putting these on sticks and mixing them with the flowers..
AntoniaJames March 11, 2013
You bet! Great idea. Very, very impressive, too. Be sure to serve them following a tasty dinner that includes a gorgeous salad. A very lucky young lady, yours is. ;o)
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