Best uses for large Food Processor

For years Ive made due with the smallest food processor available (4 cup is it?) and wistfully read recipes that would require the use of a large food processor- pizza dough, etc- and considered them basically out of reach. No more! I finally got a 10 cup capacity yesterday. What is everyones favorite thing to make with their (large) food processor?

Jennifer W


pierino December 8, 2015
I use mine for large batches of gazpacho.
Shuna L. December 8, 2015
Hello Jennifer W.,
O I love this question, and the answers are fabulous! I feel I have to represent my craft with the following list. p.s. As an aside, I received my first (and only) Cuisinart food processor over three decades ago! My father and stepmother were demonstrating them! It's still working!

When it comes to doing "liquidy" prep, my "rule" is - liquids in the blender & purées in the food processor. But after that, I LOVE the grating and slicing features for everything from vegetables & fruit, to cheese & butter.

ganache, cake frosting, tart dough (pâte sucre), muhammra, hummus, pastry cream, cremeux, gelee, granita, gravy, most any sauce, coulis, veggie burgers, chunky soup, marshmallow fluff.

pps. Please learn from my mistakes, though... Food processors are famous for using a lot of electricity. If one side of your house is susceptible to blowing fuses, choose your outlet carefully :[]
Nancy December 8, 2015
I would take the new machine as an occasion to re-learn or re-visit some things that can be made in any size processor, but with more space or ease in a larger one:
butter from scratch;
flavored butter (using store-bought or home-made);
quenelles (fish mixture to be poached. aka French gefilte fish);
crushed ice (for drinks or other kitchen use);
bread dough (use the machine power to mix and do first kneading);
mixtures for cold or hot soups;
cake batter (though be careful not to overprocess).
LeBec F. December 8, 2015
chop nuts(carefully, pulsing); grinding Parm; pureeing soups and sauces; mincing cooked seafood or meats; grinding meat;slicing large batch of mushrooms; slicing large amounts of onion before hand chopping the rest of the way. Thinly slicing cukes and carrots; pulsing for rough chopping canned plum tomatoes to break up before making marinara.; slicing baby kosher dills paper thin for Cubano and other sandwiches; grating large block of cheese; making bread crumbs. Congrats! No better kitchen appliance investment imo!
Garlic F. December 7, 2015
AntoniaJames December 7, 2015
Great for crushing cookies to use in bourbon or rum balls! Great for turning booze-soaked dried fruit into a paste to use in flavor bourbon or rum balls! Great for combining paste with cookie crumbs to make bourbon or rum balls! (I made two different batches last night in my Cuisinart.)

Great for coarsely chopping cranberries for use in mostardas, cranberry chutney, etc.

Great for blitzing herbs and aromatics in this tamarind sauce (Make triple or quadruple batches and freeze what you're not using tonight, to use within the next few months when you need a quick meal.)

Great for making XO sauce. (I use the recipe on

Great for making Paul Virant's extraordinary Pumpkin Butter nice and smooth.

Oh, I could go on and on . . . .

My then-soon-to-be mother-in-law gave me a 10 cup Cuisinart a few weeks before I was married. It's one of, if not *the* best kitchen tool gift I've ever received. I never would have bought one for myself (they were quite new back then). I use it all the time! ;o)
ChefJune December 6, 2015
I worked for Cuisinart for years and always recommended (and still do) to buy the largest one you could afford or fit into your kitchen. You can do small amounts in a large work bowl much more easily than the reverse. Actually, 10-cups is not considered "large" at all, but average sized. However now you should be able to make bread, cookies and other goodies in your food processor. Soups also, altho with the advent of the stick blender, that utensil has really taken over the soup duties. [BTW, even my 14-cup workbowl is not the largest available.]
creamtea December 6, 2015
Shredding potatoes for latkes in winter; pureeing cantaloupe with homemade almond milk and honey for cold soup in summer.
Caroline L. December 6, 2015
we have a roundup of great food processor recipes!

(also: it makes shredding things like brussels sprouts and cabbage a DREAM!)
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