My Lemon cream has a metallic taste... How do I avoid this?

I made the recipe for lemon cream on this sight ... I ended up throwing the whole batch out. I used fresh lemons , not Meyer lemons just regular and put it into my vitamix as directed on the recipe, I am starting another batch with different lemons .... Help !

  • Posted by: Bunnie1
  • March 2, 2013


NCGirl August 27, 2018
I have tried making lemon curd using no metal at all, this batch was in a glass bowl heated over water and it still tasted metallic and awful. My roommate, Nick Edgington, who is a chemist said to add baking soda and so I added a teaspoon to the curd and it foamed up like crazy, he said it was reacting to the acidity. So I transferred it to a larger bowl, so it wouldn't foam over and after an hour, I was able to stir it and lose the foam, it's back to being a curd and really doesn't have that taste anymore. He also said that cream would probably work in the same way, but that was after I already added the soda and freaked out a little... so maybe I'll try that next time.
ChefOno March 2, 2013

Those being aluminum and copper (stainless is fine). Any chance that's the culprit? A link to the recipe might help diagnose the problem.

Zozo March 2, 2013
I've heard that you're not meant to use certain metal bowls or pans as they impart a metallic taste.
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