Send unusual recipes for lemons, I'm inundated with fresh lemons and have made everything from curd to nuts; just kidding! Help!

Seriously, I've made lemon curd, lemon possets, lemon soufflé, ice cream, juice, you name it. I'm in need of something that uses plenty of juice and zest. P.S. There's more fruit on two trees. Giving them away is not an option, no one knows what to do with them. Most folks will take one. Help!

  • Posted by: J.B.
  • December 31, 2015


cookbookchick January 1, 2016
Make this:

There are two versions posted, both by dymnwyno. Delicious and makes use of WHOLE lemons!
J.B. January 1, 2016
Thanx cookboochick I've got that bookmarked with a couple of other possibilities, can use all the sugestions I can get. I will be trying one with pasta this evening. Happy New Year.
aargersi January 1, 2016
Hi! I have a similar "problem" (what a great problem to have right?) I have preserved whole lemons in plain salt and also a cinnamon and spice version. I am thinking I will do a jar of slices as well. Tonight we are having lemon roasted chicken - a favorite around here. I also do salt - what about a lemon vanilla sugar too? That sounds good! I am going to keep thinking.
creamtea January 1, 2016
I love the idea of a lemon sugar! With or without vanilla!
J.B. January 1, 2016
Thanks aargersi: Many suggestions to ponder and I'm grateful for all the feedback. Indeed it is great problem, and soon it will be finished, at least for me. One harvest from two trees all at once. We just need to keep the trees safe from that citrus greening disease. Florida is have a problem and there is no cure for this virus. Pray the AG people can find an unlikely cure.

Thanks again, I know in June and July I will be missing my beauties. Have you ever seen a Meyer lemon this perfect, it was my first one this year.
J.B. January 1, 2016

Most of the 45 uses are fairly well known to me. Nevertheless, my memory has been refreshed, and I thank U for that. I even throw some bits and pieces in smoothies. Thank U so much; Happy blogging!
Elinoar M. January 1, 2016
Windischgirl December 31, 2015
Limoncrema ( the creamy version of limoncello)
There are recipes for Shaker Lemon Pie, which uses the whole lemons, thinly sliced, and a similar one for lemon bars.
You could freeze the zest (peel it off in strips) and juice separately, until needed. My mom would freeze the juiced lemon halves, and then zest when frozen, but I keep a bag of citrus zest strips in my freezer, either mincing when needed or mixing with sugar in the food processor for a recipe. I recently saw lemon-flavored sea salt, so I guess you could do the same with salt.
You can also mail some to me :-)
J.B. December 31, 2015
Thanks Windischgirl...I'm off to do some peeling and zesting, the lemon salt has been accomplished, but I'll keep the juicing as a last minute task. Shaker Lemon pie is also a possibility, as long as it is not too large a recipe. Blessings to U & happy New Year.
Stephanie December 31, 2015
Totally agree with the freezing idea. It works like a charm.
I'm envious of your bounty!
J.B. December 31, 2015
Nancy: Thanks so much for your suggestions, I'm still looking at the site, but have done preserved lemons, the chutney, everything but the candied peel. Still have limoncello from last years crop. But thank you so much for the hints. I think I'll try a pasta dish I found herein.
Nancy December 31, 2015
Here are a few ideas not on your list so far:
Lemon chutney.
Preserved lemons.
Lemonade using whole fruit (buzz it up in processor or blender with some sugar & herbs. Surprisingly delicious, includes volatile oils from the rind.)
Candied peel.
Preserve chopped lemon zest - either by slow drying or freezing.

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