Lemon Substitute in White Bean Hummus?

Is there a substitute for lemon juice in hummus? Sadly, the lemons in the local markets (in Islamabad) are marble-sized, not very acidic, and (at least this week) not always available. I have a pantry full of vinegars -- rice, red and white wine, good apple cider -- but not sure where to start, or if I should throw the soaked beans in the freezer until the lemons are back.



susan G. March 3, 2013
I accidentally discovered that not only does cider vinegar work just fine in hummus, it also gives it a little longer life expectancy -- so feel free! If you can get the dried mango powder called 'amchur' in India, that might be an interesting alternative.
petitbleu March 3, 2013
Try using sumac. It won't give you the same flavor, but our household hummus recipe uses sumac, and we love it! I'm also thinking (but don't know for sure) that sumac might be available where you are.
Maedl March 3, 2013
I would try some vinegar, perhaps the apple cider vinegar. Start with a bit less than the amount of lemon juice called for and add more if needed. You could also add some sumac, perhaps as a dusting on top.
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