Making a Thai curry dish and my palm sugar is hard as a rock.

Microwaving doesn't help. Do I toss it? Substitute brown sugar or something else?

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petitbleu March 5, 2013
We always use a grater (like a standard cheese grater) to shave off manageable pieces of the sugar. Then, we dissolve it in hot liquid of some kind before adding to the dish.
thirschfeld March 5, 2013
microwave for for 10 to 15 seconds
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Whoops! I clicked over from the sidebar and therefore did not read that "microwaving does not help." Sorry!
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I haven't worked with palm sugar but when my jaggery hardens like that, I heat it in the microwave for short intervals of 15-20 seconds until it softens enough for me to break off a piece.
Brain H. March 4, 2013
I thank you, and my antelope curry thanks you!!
MrsWheelbarrow March 4, 2013
I've used a microplane and grated palm sugar
LeBec F. March 4, 2013
forgot to say, palm sugar not essential. white or light brown will do.never a need to 'toss' sugar. google is your frend.
LeBec F. March 4, 2013
yes, that's what i would say, after maybe trying a hammer and a plastic bag. Also google 'softening hard sugar'; couple of good ideas that i used a few yrs ago but just can't remember now,sorry.
bigpan March 4, 2013
You recipe probably has some liquid component - maybe melt the amount of sugar you need in that liquid.
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