I'm making a chocolate cake with beet root. It's supposed to be cooked and vacuum packed but I got it salad style, shredded. Is this cooked?

Kate webb


dymnyno March 29, 2013
Taste them to make sure that they don't have any vinaigrette on them.
beejay45 March 28, 2013
They're probably raw for salads. If your beet cake is patterned on the carrot cake model, then the beets should probably be raw anyway. If you need to be able to puree them, though, do as above to test for crunch and proceed as cookbookchick recommends.
cookbookchick March 9, 2013
Taste it. Is it tender (as it would be if cooked) or crunchy (as if raw)? Though I cannot imagine eating raw beets, so I'd be surprised if they are raw. If they are raw or cooked but still firm, you could steam them for a few minutes to soften them up and make them tender.
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