Ideas for my big 3-0! I need help planning a simple yet delish menu for my 30th birthday with 15 friends.

I'm a selective eater (no pork, no beef), a few friends are vegetarian, and the rest meat eaters. I love the idea of picky foods with a main entree. Any input will help :)

Lele Bean


ChezHenry December 7, 2014
I wish I could help you. 30 was so long ago I forget what my 30 yr old self would have appreciated! Happy Birthday!
mickle December 5, 2014
What is the city in which the large Greek festival is held?
Sam1148 March 11, 2013
Shhh. If you want to take a short cut for the Chicken Thighs.
Cavander's Greek Seasoning on the chicken. Skin on,Bone in. Oil them, season--let them sit an hour or so and then add a touch of paprika for color. Then bake them. It's a good seasoning; widely available.

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Summer O. March 11, 2013
For my 30th birthday I served paella. I had a veggie one and and a seafood one. I also made a large salad with mangoes and avocado and a bunch of other vegetarian and pescatarian friendly side dishes that were made ahead of dinner time.
Sam1148 March 10, 2013
Eggplant Lasagna, with ricotta cheese/spinach stuffing.
Greek Salad.
Greek Stuffed Cabbage leaves with rice or quinoa.
Green beans with a greek tomato sauce (tomato sauce with oregano, basil,cinnamon).
For the meat eaters. Skewers of meat or chicken, marinaded in Greek seasonings. Or baked greek chicken thighs; Served with Hummus and Pita Bread. Spinach spanakopita could come into play.
Or a broiled fish in greek seasoning with a parsley/lemon juice/olive oil/garlic blended sauce.
Lele B. March 10, 2013
Yum! Great ideas. Thanks -that sounds awesome.
cookbookchick March 11, 2013
Sam, are you Greek?
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 11, 2013
don't forget the tzaziki!
Sam1148 March 11, 2013
Hahah..Not Greek. But here almost all the good resturants are owned by Greek families and there's a big Greek Food Festival every year. I grew up around this stuff. I forgot Dolmas, and stuff yellow squash too. But that's a lot of prep work.
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