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Hey guys, I'm going to a friend's house tonight to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics and volunteered to bring the food. Of course, now I'm coming up empty on what to do for a main dish and hoped you guys could give me some ideas. Here are my guidelines: 1) I'm not interested in burgers or wings. I would have done pulled pork, but I just made that less than a week ago. 2) Either something I can make quickly at my friend's house or that I can prep at my house and easily carry over. 3) It only needs to feed 3 1/2 people (toddler). 4) Nothing fancy. I'm thinking good comfort food here. Also, I'm planning on frying up a bunch of veggies for snacks, so it's not like the main needs to be really substantial. OH, and I do have a little time to go grocery shopping. Thanks for any help!



WannabeBaker February 8, 2014
I did pickles and cauliflower, although I also was going to do onion rings until we decided we were too full. Thanks for all the tips! I went with baked ziti.
luvcookbooks February 8, 2014
I'm curious about the vegetables you are frying up as snacks. French fries? Tempura? Potato chips?
Summer O. February 7, 2014
Roast chicken.
Dave O. February 7, 2014
Buy some already made dough in a roll, and make some quick pizzas at your house or your friends. Toppings are up to your imagination. BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, veggie, cheese, whatever. And the kids can help too. Just crank the oven or grill up, add a pizza stone or pan and it's that easy.
Dave O. February 7, 2014
A few steps. Roll the dough out by hand, paint w olive oil, spread sauce, then toppings, then cheese. Spice as needed.

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HalfPint February 7, 2014
Mac n'cheese? Nothing better or more comforting than a large pan of baked mac n' cheese.

A pot of chili con carne, with jalapeno cornbread
Baked Ziti
Swedish meatballs
arroz con pollo
ratatouille (sp?)
chicken and dumplings

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