Baking Powder in Ruhlman's Fried Chicken Coating?

Anyone know why? Doe it keep the coating crisp post-frying?
I am so surprised that it was featured as a 52 Genius Recipe w/o any mention of this odd ingredient..........

LeBec Fin


aargersi March 16, 2013
We made that chicken awhile back - it's GREAT, but we felt it was even better when we also added a tsp of baking powder to the buttermilk
LeBec F. March 16, 2013
well thank you for that very helpful tip. will do.(i didn't see that in the recipe comments; want to add it maybe?)

and FlavDrizzles, i hope you went to school for that; that is some amazing knowledge!thk you.
Flavor D. March 16, 2013
When carbon dioxide is released by the Baking Powder it will raise and aerate the batter. These tiny bubbles are then trapped in the batter by the gluten and are enlarged by the leavener. When the batter sets during the frying of the chicken, into a firm coating, the aeration is preserved which gives you a light crunchy coating.

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