Oh boy... kitchen snafu here - I just sifted baking POWDER into my Irish Soda Bread mix - is there any salvaging this mix???

Any recommendations out there? Scrape off as much sifted powder as I can? Add double soda? Trash it? : ( Any ideas at all??? Thank you people!!



corcooks44 March 17, 2013
Thank you EVERYONE... good husband came up with a workable idea - put all ingredients into ziploc, mark measures, use for pancakes... but I have to say, I value all your answers which just reinforce my mindset - the food52 community rocks and all the ideas are different, enlightening and confidence boosting.
ameulensteen March 17, 2013
Either work in the mix. Some recipes say powder, some say soda. It should taste the same.
AntoniaJames March 17, 2013
Don't sweat it! I've seen several recipes lately that use both (and it seems like a great idea, as it gives the bread a bit more lift). The soda gives it a distinctive taste; I'd just add 1/2 teaspoon or so. How much baking powder did you add? ;o)
Bill F. March 17, 2013
Double the sofa and you should be fine. But yes also try to get the powder out if you can. Probably a moot point
Bill F. March 17, 2013
Soda not sofa. Lol sorry about that
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