Butter differences

As I'm waiting for my butter to come to room temp (for EmilyC's Almond Thumbprint Cookies), I'm wondering: What are the real differences among all the butters I'm now seeing at my local coop? Cultured... Pasteurized... European style... And there were a few others that I can't even remember. I get the diff between salted and undated, but what's up with all these other designations? And should I be using different ones for different kinds of cooking and baking and eating?

  • Posted by: TobiT
  • March 17, 2013


pierino March 18, 2013
I agree with Diana B on the butterfat. Salted or unsalted is up to you. Unsalted, you have more control over the flavor of the dish. Tip; restaurants use tons of butter and buckets of salt. Which is why their sauces taste better. I always use pateurized milk products. But if you are cooking down the butter that matters less as you are applying heat (which is what pasteurization means).
Diana B. March 17, 2013
There's some help for you here: http://www.saveur.com/article/Techniques/Types-of-Butter

European butters tend to have more butterfat than American butters (81% v. 85%), so there is less water in the European types.
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