What should I assume when a recipe only specifies "salt"? Kosher salt or table salt? Is it different for baking vs. cooking?

Ken Kiyama


Gammy December 10, 2019
Keep in mind, that if the recipe is for a family dish from long ago, any mention of salt is probably for regular table salt.
Miss_Karen December 10, 2019
I would say generally speaking to use table salt. The recipes normally stipulate if Kosher should be used. Yes, there is a huge difference when used for baking vs cooking.
Nancy December 10, 2019
If in a cookbook, sometimes they say what they mean about basic ingredients in a little chapter...table or kosher salt, which broth when broth is named, which milk, etc.
If not clear, you're safe using kosher salt as it is less salty than table salt. It's always easier to add rather than fix oversalting.
Ken K. December 10, 2019
Thanks for the suggestion, Nancy. I usually look for that chapter when I use a cookbook. But more and more I find myself using recipes from websites (like Food52!), and I couldn't find any sort of "standard definitions" when I searched the site.
It's a good idea to use Kosher salt when in doubt (the potato trick isn't always useful), but it's kind of hard to add salt after the fact when I'm baking...
Nancy December 11, 2019
I understand about the problem in estimating or adjusting salt in baking. But/and usually salt in baking is not a major note....more often, just a small bit to offset or give contrast to the sweetness.
The exception for salt as a minor but important note is in making bread, where it's important in the mix of rising dough.
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